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Before the speech:
As high-tech industry unceasing innovation and research and development of their products, as well as to the product precision and cleanliness requirements are increasing, and also to the requirement of the process environment constantly improve change, leading to an industrial revolution.
Trends in response to the high-tech industry revolution, industrial revolution train ride this class, each industry is heavily for creating high-tech production of CLEAN ROOM (CLEAN ROOM) plant, phase is to create a better product quality and the highest yield. But when there's a hardware in the CLEAN ROOM (CLEAN ROOM), but there was no subsequent effective management, cleaning, maintenance the collocation of the software execution time, change the CLEAN ROOM (CLEAN ROOM) will gradually lose their function and was largely invisible. So in order to ensure the maximum effect by following the management, cleaning and maintenance is absolutely can not be ignored.

Company profile:
HuaChong technology co., LTD. Was established in early 1992, and was established in suzhou in 1999 in suzhou new district HuaChong purification engineering, 2001, was established in kunshan kunshan HuaChong purification equipment co., LTD., for the east China area to begin early is committed to professional clean room engineering equipment and consumables business.
The company's main projects including:
1, professional engaged in CLEAN ROOM CLEAN ROOM engineering design, planning and site construction.
2, professional production and sales of CLEAN ROOM CLEAN ROOM purification equipment and all kinds of stainless steel products and related products.
3, sales of CLEAN ROOM CLEAN ROOM used in related ancillary supplies, such as: personal full dust, wipe fiber cloth, CLEAN ROOM with special vacuum cleaner, etc...
Since Taiwan HuaChong establishment, the company has been continuously research and development, improvement, and start making professional brand of production (Puri wipers) or professional products agent (Tiger - Vac), hope can improve constantly increase their own CLEAN ROOM CLEAN ROOM in the field of new knowledge and product information, qi can satisfy the need of the industry, and improve quality to create success.
Accumulated more than 20 years of manufacturing experience and strict quality control itself, and provide fast delivery and after-sales service, so has been customer support and trust, for many years to chung has always adhere to meet customer needs as the highest purpose, hope and industry grow up together, and create a better future.