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Classification according to the use of clean room (can be divided into two categories:)

(1), industrial clean room -- to inanimate particle control for the object. Main control air dust particle pollution to the work object, generally remain positive pressure inside. It is suitable for precision machinery industry, electronic industry, semiconductor, integrated circuit, etc.) the aerospace industry, high purity magnetic products, atomic energy industry, chemical industry, light industry (CD, tape, film production), LCD (liquid crystal glass), computer hard drives, magnetic head production and other industries.

(2), biological clean room, main control life particles (bacteria) and abiotic particles of pollution (dust) to the work object. Can divide again;
A, general biological clean room, the main pollution control microorganism (bacteria) objects. At the same time its internal materials need to be able to withstand various sterilization agent erosion, internal general guarantee positive pressure. Essentially to its internal material can endure all kinds of sterilization processing industrial clean room. Example: the pharmaceutical industry, hospital (operating room, sterile ward) food, cosmetics, beverage production, animal laboratory, the physical and chemical inspection room, blood stations, etc.
B, biology safety clean room: main control object of a particulate pollution to the outside world and human life. Internal to maintain and negative pressure of the atmosphere. Example: bacteriology, biology, clean laboratory, physical engineering (recombinant gene vaccine)