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Warmly congratulate the company web site revision success Date£º2013-7-2 13:58:55 From£º ¡¾Close¡¿

    In order to better improve the company image, strengthen propaganda, to create good conditions for the company's operation and development, for the more highlight my company the size and strength, to better show the company's external image, kunshan HuaChong purification equipment co., LTD's official website completed recently smooth promotion, make the content more rich, more timely update.

    The website version upgrade, in order to improve the company's image, convenient products publicity, for the domestic and foreign customers to provide quality services, improve the influence of the company for the purpose, website features, function design, service contents and forms a larger adjustment, according to the functional partition to comb the column plate, further integration of corporate information resources to provide clients with more comprehensive and efficient and convenient services. "Customer satisfaction" is our greatest pursuit, we will, as usual, according to the service attitude, with a more full of enthusiasm, more focused, more professional quality for the general customers to provide quality services.

    My company website redesign upgrade success, marking our company put forward higher requirements in terms of media publicity, reached a higher level, for the company's long-term development laid a solid foundation.
Revamped website there are a lot of shortcomings, we are trying to improve. Hope you in the browse at the same time, leaving the valuable comments and Suggestions (in the comment section the message), we have professional staff to answer correct.

Kunshan HuaChong purification equipment co., LTD
On August 20, 2013