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Product name:HEPA FILTER

Filter material of products:
 * the use of super fine glass fiber paper and aluminum foil made of mesh division plate.
 * mesh thickness: 11 1/2 inch of about 290 mm, and 5 7/8 inch of about 150 mm can choose again.
 * around the screen in a special professional adhesive glue with frame, can prevent the air leak, or because of wind resistance stress damage occurs.

Product features:
* specially precision machining in a box, the filtering space increases, make life longer.
* the highest temperature: 80 degrees
* the highest humidity: 100% RH (not fogging state)
* colorimetry efficiency can reach 99.97%, 99.99%, 99.999% Test at 0.3 microns.
* comply with European norms EN 1822 Class H11 / H12 / H13 / H14 specification.
* comply with IESRP - CC - 001.3 TYPE A/B/C/D specification

Coordinate frame:
Frame materials: according to customer needs
Deckle: plywood, metal/metal frame: such as galvanized frame, aluminum frame, stainless steel frame

Scope of application:
* precision industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, electronic semiconductor industry and IC industry, nuclear industry, space industry
* research units: laboratory, laboratories, hospitals, biochemistry
* other places of the clean room need clean air filtration system.