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Product name:HC-201 Anti-static dust-free cap (with ear hole)

Product introduction:
Using polyester filament and permanent conductive fibre of high performance woven by the special craft, has lasting anti-static dustproof performance. Through advanced processing technology, the design and manufacture of a variety of styles and a variety of specifications of the esd cap, is necessary for human body electrostatic protective measures, also can be tailor-made according to customer requirements specifications and design.

Product features:
 * anti-static cloth, wear comfortable, easy cleaning, washing.
 * excellent stitching quality to extend the service life.
 * antistatic cap can be used repeatedly.
 * can be used in the level higher purification workshop.
 * have a variety of color optional.
 * can be customized according to customer's request.
 * can effectively remove the body to produce electrostatic, have permanent antistatic performance.
 * advanced technology, the special structure, fabric itself is not dust, not dust collection.

Scope of application:
Semiconductor, chip, microprocessor and other production workshop/PCB production workshop, precision instrument workshop/optical product production workshop/PCB production workshop/following enterprise production workshop/pharmaceutical/food factory production workshop laboratories and scientific research personnel laboratory/each big factory dust-free workshop, purifying workshop, etc.