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Item description: clean room dedicated vacuum cleaner models: GM - 80 p
GM80 unique place is three points, and nearly 6.25 liters large double filter paper bag capacity, with the increase of cotton main screen pack, the other with micro filter or high efficiency filter can filter 0.3 0.1 micron dust.
GM80 has the ability to filter out 99.97% of the dust dust including 0.3 microns in size. It combines powerful suction, filtering ability and quiet working environment, ideal of this kind of cleaner applicable to many areas including: laboratory of pollution control, clean room, or other places that are sensitive to dust, harmful dust kicked up content including asbestos, and so on.
Apply to clean room, wafer processing, food processing, semiconductor processing, electronics factory, laboratory, etc

GM - 80 four filtering system

The first layer filtering: paper bag
Nilfisk vacuum cleaner bag is made of two kinds of materials of double-layer paper bag. Internal lining can attract dust, when the air through the external layers of fiber, paper bag can be easy to collect the dust can be visual processing.

The second filtering: the main filter cloth
Main filter cloth is electrostatic processes of heavy cotton cloth with soft nap of the main screen pack, can filter out 4 mu m size dust reaches 99.5%. The design of the large provides a better surface filtering effect. Another Dralon Gore - Tex filter cotton material can resist acid (filter dust that was 99.995% greater than 0.33 microns).

The third layer filtering: motor case
Standard motor cases is to use the material of the weaver, is made of wool and synthetic fiber, can filter out the size of the 2 microns dust reaches 99.5%. The fine filter is suitable for use in the bottom of the motor, besides can protect the motor can also filter out like bacteria, dust and reduce the size of HEPA and ULPA contaminated and director of its life.

The fourth floor filtering: HEPA and ULPA filter
HEPA filter (high efficiency) is the last layer of filtering. Is made by glass fiber paper. It can filter out 0.3 mu m was 99.97%, and the dust of the dust is one 1/300th the diameter of a human hair. Each filter through the DOP (U.S. army headquarters) test, and use on the suitable specification. HEPA filters can be collected to the dangers of toxic dust. Suitable for use in relatively small filter. ULPA filter (high efficiency) is also made using glass fiber paper, but its material arrangement more closely. It can filter out 99.9995% of the dust, including 0.12 mu m size dust, 1/960 is the diameter of a human hair. ULPA filter than HEPA filter is more suitable for use in the extremely important pollution control.
Clean room Class 1: adding GORE - TEX filter cloth (acid and alkali resistant and high temperature dust) ULPA ultra high efficiency filter.
Cleanroom Class 10: add ULPA ultra high efficiency filter effect is 99.9995% (0.12 microns).
Cleanroom Class 100: equipped with HEPA filter filtering effect efficient 99.97% (0.3 microns).
Cleanroom Class 100000: equipped with dust exhaust filter filtering effect (general GM80) 99.5% (0.6 microns). When adding the gas-collecting hood: can save the use of HEPA filter and ULPA filter, exhaust gas directly to row out of clean outdoors, do not pollute the clean room.

Parameter table
Motor type: external type motor
Consumed power; 200 W, 9 a
Vacuum pressure: 2270 mu m/WG
The air flow; 38 LITER/SEC
Dust collection bucket capacity; 12.25 liters
Paper bag capacity; 9.25 liters
Size (HxD) : 41 cm x 30 cm
Weight; 5.0 kg weight (not including accessories)
Sound level; 61 db (A)