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Product name:HL-403 Anti-static gloves

Product features:
 * fingertips place a semicircle, alleviate the pressure of the assignments from the fingertips of;
 * not easy with dust, suitable for cleaning;
 * elastic is strong, completely joint hand form, not easy to skid, flexible fingers activities, suitable for fine work;
 * permeability is strong, suitable for long time.
 * ¦¸ surface resistance, 106-106
 * electrostatic decay time < 0.1 SEC
 * charged charge < 0.3 mu C/pair

Scope of application:
Used for anti-static gloves operation will be needed, to purify environment dust-free workshop. Wear anti-static gloves to avoid operator fingers directly contact with static sensitive components, and security of human body electrostatic discharge operators. It is the semiconductor industry, optoelectronic industry, semiconductor manufacturing, electronic tube manufacturing, computer motherboard production enterprises, such as mobile phone factory workers must wear at work. Mainly used for anti-static need gloves operation environment such as electronics, instrumentation and other industries, can prevent the electrostatic electronic components damage, caused by aging, In petrochemical industry can prevent caused by static combustion and explosion danger.