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Kunshan HuaChong purification equipment co., LTD. Service concept is not only getting the product quality, more is to provide the whole course of service for the clients by system design scheme, selection of advice, product production to after-sales service process. With professional service to replace the general trade business behavior.

Company philosophy:
* cargo real price quality - adhere to apply materials to design, not easy to change material.
* quality - with the least amount of cost to provide the best quality.
* professional services - business personnel all have a certain professional knowledge, to help customers.
1, the purification of the professional engineering team, for customers to solve engineering problems about everything in the clean room.
2, professional equipment design team, with customer demand, design products to clients, make hair brightness maximum effect on equipment use.
3, a variety of consumables production team, can let the customer to choose to everything in the cleanroom consumables.
* innovation - ongoing research and development of new products and product improvement, to provide more suitable products to the customer.

1, 7 * 24 h service, assist to handle customer questions at any time.
2, with the attitude of enthusiasm, professional technical ability to interact with the client.